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Gone........... Empty
PostSubject: Gone...........   Gone........... EmptyFri 13 Mar 2015, 3:40 pm

On most Fridays I try to get the server to going, I tried for a little while this a.m.
Here in a little bit, I will be heading out on a road trip.
Will be back in 9-10 hours. Going to pick my children up at their house in Ardmore.
Being that it is a little over 4 hours there, Gonna be taking a break for a bit, stopping at my brother's.
I will try to get on after I get back here to the house.
Y'all have a great day, don't totally run all the noobs off, safe some for me.(Oh wait, I is one)
Seeya all when I get back, or first thing in morning after a cup of coffee.

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