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PostSubject: Interesting   Interesting EmptySat 20 Mar 2010, 4:26 pm

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skinman {kan}
skinman {kan}

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PostSubject: Re: Interesting   Interesting EmptySat 20 Mar 2010, 8:03 pm

It always amazes me How many learning opportunities and fresh forward
thinking of innovative ideas in modern media and education there are for

children and students alike now.

how they have changed since I had my education in the sixties.

The thing I remember more than what knowledge might have managed to
get through my thicker than normal bonce was fear of punishment.

Which was also the norm in family life.

Punishment could be given for rather benign things like chewing gum..
being late.. sleeping in class.. talking back to a teacher.. violating the dress
code.. walking on the wrong side of the hall.. not turning in homework..
or asking to go to the bathroom.. and worse being refused.

Or there was the amusement of being asked a question..and unable to answer
being sent to stand in a corner for the remainer of the lessons with a hat that
said 'DUNCE' on it...I think I still have mine.

fidgetting or staring out the window in awe at the seagulls in class could be
enough to get a child beaten?

I remember kids getting the belt {a long leather strap soundly applied across
both hands up to six times each hand)...I always felt sorry for them and more

so me.

teachers would punish the child in the classroom in front of all the other children
to set an example and send fear into the heart of most.
I hated that... and experienced that at home and it still haunts me.

why was it that beating or hitting an adult was classed as assault and a crime
but beating a child was called punishment and was okay?.

sometimes you will hear older people remark..

"ah the good old days"..well I say .."you can keep them"...

Isn't progress great?.

Interesting Icon_cheers
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