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Wolfenstein...is...great! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wolfenstein...is...great!   Wolfenstein...is...great! EmptyThu 27 Aug 2009, 2:20 pm

Wolfenstein is good. It needs some fixing though. Aside from the multi-player which I won't even touch, the campaign requires more types of enemy combinations and attack styles. I played on Normal difficulty so maybe there's more to the other settings. All I want to know is why Raven couldn't throw more than one heavy trooper or flame trooper at the player at a time. I was more afraid of the flame trooper also. The big guys aren't really intimidating. Poor AI doesn't help either. I don't know. The game would be much more challenging and enjoyable if the opposition consisted of more heavy hitters attacking together. I killed way to many soldiers and only a dozen or so flame troopers throughout the entire game. I'll try the hardest difficulty and see if that changes.
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