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PostSubject: Guidelines   Guidelines EmptySat 06 Sep 2008, 7:20 am

I made a checklist for you to see if you are "KAN material", these are not rules more like guidelines study Guidelines 82527

1. I'm cocky and brave on Internet but would pee my pants IRL confrontation

2. I'm to young to have ....

3. I hate losing and have to blame lag or similar when losing

4. I like to use words on forums and in game that I never would, to my mother and father

5. When losing I like to quit before the game is over (could be bad Internet connection Rolling Eyes )

6 I was kicked out of KAN

7. I left KAN for another clan, and now I wanna come back, still friends? Rolling Eyes

If you checked two or more, perhaps you are NOT "KAN material" Guidelines 392902


"if its got tits or wheels it'l cost you money"
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