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 THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!

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PostSubject: THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!   Tue 07 Feb 2012, 5:41 pm

OK so so i was in combat training messing around against the turrets seeing if my epic run was a random generated chance or if i can duplicate it over and over? the answer is yes you can! lightweight and marathon pro is what Ive used so far but im gonna try with just marathon and just lightweight pro each by them selves and if i can make it without ether of those perks. anyway how i did it on both sides there are those metal spike things (sorry i don't know what there called) anyway if the tower is on your left run on the right of these metal things so that its between you and the tower when it hits at just the middle the tower stutters and it gives you a chance to get another 10 feet at about the middle there's a barrel do this same thing with the barrel the barrel isn't as tall but the tower has the same stutter i know this sounds like a glitch and it may be but Ive repeated it over and over and to me its the same as using a smoke grenade because your blocking the towers vision of you with something else whether is smoke or objects on the map its self.

try it out and let me know what you guys think and if it worked for you
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PostSubject: Re: THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!   Tue 07 Feb 2012, 5:58 pm

ok the side that i did it you start in B3 and end in the middle i have not been able to find a gap on the other side in which to use but Ive played with it a bit more and it seems you don't even need the lightweight perk or marathon i did it with ghost and ninja on so the trick its to walk to the first stutter so that you'll have enough sprint to make the full length you have to time it just right the second you hear the stutter you need to take off straight line for the other side make it the shortest distance you can you get to the other side bloodied and bruised but alive none the less! if your trying without ether of the perks your timing needs to be dead on or the turrets will get you in the last steps because your sprint will run out. lightweight perk is the easiest one Ive tested its that extra speed that helps make you across but marathon and lightweight will get you across with the least amount of damage so that you ready to kill the first opponent on the other side
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PostSubject: Re: THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!   Tue 07 Feb 2012, 6:10 pm

ive made both lengths of the red zone it is extremely hard but it is possible you can not make any attempt from D3 you have to start in B3 or C3 from B3 to C3 you start on the right side of the red zone but when you get to C3 and you want to run the next half you have to move to the left side and almost hug the wall you want less then a foot between you and the left wall when running from C3 to D3 it is possible to run both stretches in one go but for that you will need lightweight pro and marathon pro and you will be about one shot from death but its possible i know this inst a very effective way across the map i just find it fun to run across maybe you will to and i know some of you will try just to say you've done it if you have trouble understanding my explanation let me know and i can ether make a vid for youtube or we can do a private match and ill show you first hand.

ive also learned that if you are running in the red zone and another person enters the red zone the turrets will switch to the new person every time im not sure why it does this but it does so if you need help getting across have a buddy take the turrets for a second
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PostSubject: Re: THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!   Tue 07 Feb 2012, 8:00 pm

It was funny to watch you do it 32 times lol
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THE RED ZONE! if you wanna cross it read this!
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