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PostSubject: Appeal   Sat 19 Sep 2009, 9:07 pm

I submitted my appeal to punkbuster after i watched the 2 demo's taken.
Here is the reason i supplied to punkbuster to lift the ban. I will post it here and I hope I'm not wasting my time.

"Reason to lift ban: after watching both demo's I can't see how it looks like i was hacking. I would like some one to tell me exactly what it is i did that makes it look like I'm hacking. Every kill I made was done because I could see them, they shot and I could see them on the map, or there was a UAV active at the time. In the demo's I also noticed that it did not show the in game UAV map so i find it easy to see how some one could think i was cheating if they did not have that to view also."

You guys have been cool and fun to hang out with for the little amount of time I have been around. If the ban is not lifted then I'm sure there is nothing more I can do to try and defend myself. And again if the ban is not lifted thanks for the good time.
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