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Lady of Winter {KAN}
Queen of the P90 - shooter of the AK47. Claymore expert
Queen of the P90 - shooter of the AK47. Claymore expert

Female Number of posts : 1705
Age : 50
City/Country : Earth (is not a country itīs a planet)
  : Pretty in Pink
: Handy with a Whip
: Frau Boss
Fav MP game : Naked Volleyball and Twister.
Fav MP map : BOG!!!
I miss BOG!!

Fav SP game : LOL
Xfire : ladyofwinter
TeamSpeak : 1st Lady {KAN}
Registration date : 2008-03-15

PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Thu 29 Jan 2009, 8:19 pm

The LOW and High forum is intended to be humorous as well as informative. Please be mindful of the following:


1. Visitors and members are required to follow {KAN} forum rules at all times.
2. Please refrain from name-calling, swearing or inappropriate content when replying to a post / topic.
3. Inappropriate posts will be removed immediately.
4. Q&A section: Questions should be reasonable.
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